Singer-Actress Photoshoot in Fairfield, CT

This young lady has an amazing heart and energy.  Incredibly smart and a graduate from Yale, she has decided to pursue her passion and push forth with her art.  I am grateful to have met her and grateful she chose me to take her headshots.  I loved her energy so, that I went ahead and did more than head shots.  As usual, I did her makeup and helped style her by choosing which of her outfits to wear.  It's shoots like these that make me very happy.  :)

Actor Headshots in Eastchester, NY

In early March I was hired by a group of talented actors who wanted to get new headshots. We spent the day shooting indoors with my studio set up and then walking outside to catch that dreamy over cast light that I so much love.

Keep an eye out, you might see one them in the next feature film to TV show.  :)



Sleeping babies.




Babies sleep. Their dreams are a peaceful land. No worries, no stress.

Watching them as they sleep one can’t get hold of the immense love that radiates so grand it actually hurts. Thinking about it and my eyes water-over.

The brain is currently a cluster of thoughts and lists and ideas, things to do and things to accomplish. It’s hard to sleep most times. But some meditation, chamomile tea or some wine usually helps.

Oh to be a baby again! To sleep so deliciously sound and to dream of love and laughter and kisses. To sleep so peaceful and so deep– only if, to be a baby again.

The biggest wedding I've captured so far!

The other weddings I captured where small in comparison. One was an elopement and had about 10 guests, the other had about 50 guests. This wedding had almost 300 guests and 14 people in the bridal party!! I was nervous and excited but I was prepared and ready. Over the summer I assisted another amazing wedding photographer whose work I truly love and was able to prepare. Please see Maureen's work here

This wedding was extra especial for several reasons, for starters they are friends of mine and they got married where I got married. It was amazing, the weather was perfect and everything was beautiful. As usual it made want to get married again. :) I also want to thank my assistant Camilo Tenjo, who's help was instrumental to keeping me sane, and creative.  Thank you!

Check out this slide show of my favorite images.


It's a new year, so here is a look back

Beginning last September, I became the bussiest I have ever been when it came to my photography business. I was so excited!! But now as the winter wears on and it becomes the quiet season I plan on taking time to reflect and of course do some behind the scenes work.  Starting with personal photography projects and also yet more importantly my other business—Bread Empire.  

My new years resolution is to post more personal work. So stay tuned.  :)

AND also stay tuned for my commercial photography website. (I know busy!)

Here is a summary of my favorite images since September. 

Sneak Peek- Now this is a proper school portrait!

Is it just me or are regular school portraits kind of bland and totally tasteless?  Well, maybe its because my taste for visuals is a bit spoiled or maybe it's just my own aesthetic preference.  But aren't these new kind school portraits so much better? I mean look at this little princess! It's modern and classy.  And to boot, I loved, loved getting down to eye level to capture 80 something beautiful, energetic, shy and adorable toddlers! Love what you do.

Boutique School Portraits

If you are interested in having your school offer this kind of school portrait, please contact me. 


Happy, happy to announce that we will now be offering school portraits.  If any schools, or parents are interested in having my unique school portraits at your school, please contact us!

Family portraits, children portraits

Most photographs' value increases with time, especially images of babies and children.  As babies grow the importance and the value of the images also increases, but its not just a sentimental value that I refer to, but monetary.  If you lost ALL images of your children, but was able to recover one, or a few, how much would you pay?  I reflect on this, because for me the photographs of my children are extremely important and if I don't back them up and one day loose them? I would die.  Even the ones on my cell, those every day, some blurry images that capture the essence of how my children are growing. With intention, I am cataloging their growth and capturing those fast fleeting moments that I will never have again.  

Thinking about all this brings me back to realizing how little images I am with my own babies and even how I hardly have any pictures of my husband and I and the kids. It's crazy. Not only do I want to remember how freaking cute my babies are at this stage, but I want to remember what I looked like. There are very few pictures of my mom and I when I was a baby and its so amazing to see my mom as a young woman compared to the mature woman I now know.  I see myself in her, young, sometimes naive, and fully in love. But as a photographer I am seldom in images WITH my children. #photomamaproblems

May the images of the beautiful family I captured a few weeks ago remind us all to take lots of pictures of US WITH OUR CHILDREN. Selfies people. Selfies! :)  OR better yet, hire a photographer, whose work you absolutely love (eh-hmm) and hire them for your family portraits. Make sure you capture and catalog how your family is growing and changing every day. The kids get bigger, and we get older. ah, life. 

I loved everything about this session.  This family is beautiful both inside and out. I had so many favorites that I couldn't decide!!


Glamour Portraits

Head shots, sexy head shots. That's what these glamour portraits turned out to be, after all this is one sexy mama! Not your regular business like portraits, these are fun and flirtatious, they let the inner diva come out! That was my impromptu session last Friday. This lady is not only gorgeous, but also talented. She did her own make up and followed my instruction perfectly. I loved working with her and I hope to do it again.  

Sisters, crowns, tutus and feathers!

This was an extremely fun photo session. I got to flex my creative muscle and capture the spirits of two very special young ladies. One has a bit of spunk, and thus why I had her in rock star like look. The other has a tender heart who loves horses and most animals; for her I wanted the feather crown. I did their make up, and styled their clothing (Marshalls had a great sale!) and of course, I made the tutus and crowns. I'm particularly in love with how the feather crown came out. :) Which one is your favorite?

Newborn and his parents

It is rare for me to have both parents want to take a picture with their newborn, so when this mom made the request I was more than happy to capture all three of them. From now on, I will always try to get new moms in with their babies. I  think it is so especial and such an endearing moment to have, that no mom should go on with out it. I speak for myself too, I try to take as many selfies with my babies as I can. :)  


This young lady will make her mama cry.

I figured that mom would shed a tear after seeing these images of her baby girl and I assume she did.  At 16, her baby is a young lady now.  By doing her make up and styling with her own clothes and her own guitar, I managed to capture her beautiful, strong willed and very intelligent self. I must admit, I also get emotional at the thought that one day, my baby girl will be all grown. It's crazy, it's not easy but it's the law of life. We nurture them, they grow up, they become their own person, and repeat. Ah! life is beautiful...yet a bit painful.


These Belly Pictures are Extra Special!

One of my best friends is pregnant and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Her baby and my son will only be three months apart and I am excited for the future play dates they will have.  We don't live close, but every few months when we get together with our other friends whose kids are between 5 and 11 years old,  I get a little sad about the large age difference with my kids. Not anymore!!

This new baby and my kids they will be the three musketeers causing trouble, while the not so far away teenagers will be into their own thing not wanting to be bothered. HAHA!! Little do they know, trouble is near!  Knowing this baby boy will grow up side by side with my kids when we get together, warms up my heart. All I need now is my niece and nephew to also be near by! Holland is too far! 

This was my first official maternity photo shoot. I was so excited that when I envisioned her dress, I had to make it myself (I love chiffon now, who knew?!).  I wanted some silhouettes and a couple including her handsome partner, so I am grateful they let me do whatever I wanted. :)

Tutus and crowns

I am obsessed with tutus and crowns.  For this sibling photo session I had to make new tutus, the ones I had already made, just wouldn't do.  The color had to be right, the mood had to be perfect. I made one of the matching crowns (the other I had made for another shoot) and the lace vests, which also, just pulled together my entire vision. Plain old ballerina onesies where not enough.  I styled everything from the set up, to the casual clothes, to their hair. I love doing this stuff! And the beautiful models, of course make all look amazing.  THANK YOU to their grandma for allowing me to capture these ladies and for believing in my vision. :)

Here are some of my favorites.


It's baby time!

Maybe its just me, but I feel like there are newborn babies everywhere!!! A couple of mom's from my mom's group have given birth, three friends, two others on the way, and of course I'm up next! Is something in the water? Is it just that time in life when we must all make babies?! Either way, it's a beautiful time. A time, that you never expect to be as beautiful as it is.

Check out my last minute photo session of this 8 day old baby boy.